Sewer Cleaning Service Plumbers Can Explain What to Flush and What Not to Flush

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Plumbing

A toilet is not a garbage can, but many people treat this fixture like it is one. They were probably fortunate to live for many years in homes where being careless about what gets flushed didn’t cause problems. That can change in a moment’s time: the moment when tree roots have grown into sewer pipe cracks and have grabbed the junk that people keep flushing. When a backup occurs, the homeowner calls a Sewer Cleaning Service and wonders what in the world went wrong.

This entire situation is foreign to many people. They’ve spent years flushing items like tampons, dental floss, sanitary wipes and even food scraps. They’ve used the toilet as a compost pile, a wastebasket and a convenient receptacle for any trash that will disappear with a flowing surge of water. The plumber who does the Sewer Cleaning Service for this household can probably identify which items caused the problem. The plumber also can explain why tree roots get into the pipe and may need to be cut away at some point at least every few years. They’re simply doing what roots are supposed to do — seeking and finding water and nutrients. Cutting the trees down won’t help, as the roots continue to grow for a long time afterward.

For best results, only human waste and a reasonable amount of toilet paper should be flushed. It would seem that food scraps would be OK, but that isn’t always the case. Some plant materials are fibrous and some kinds of meat are tough and chewy. Those are exactly the sorts of materials that get tangled up in tree roots, taking a long time to break down.

People in the house might want to ask a plumber from a company such as Southside Plumbing and Heating about flushing dog waste picked up from the yard and cat waste from the litter pan. Theoretically, this would seem all right. However, it can be difficult to pick up canine waste without having grass or other plant material stuck to it. The cat’s bestowments most likely have bits of clay or other litter pan materials. Those things don’t belong in a sewer line. Visit the website for information on this particular company.

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