Factors to Consider for a Laundry Area Before Hiring Plumbing Contractors in Cranberry Township PA

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Plumbing

Before hiring Plumbing Contractors in Cranberry Township PA to install components for a laundry area or to renovate an existing laundry room, homeowners must carefully consider how they want to design this space. Many people talk about problems with their plans that they convinced a plumber to complete but later regretted doing so. Plumbers will follow the instructions of their customers as long as the project is safe and meets code.


Dryers always vent to the outside, but many people skip ventilation for the washing machine. However, having Plumbing Contractors in Cranberry Township PA add this vent keeps humidity levels down. That’s important in a small laundry room, especially if it’s at one end of the house.


Easy access to the faucets and hoses can be helpful, but most people tend to want the machine backed up to the wall and all those components out of sight. Yet being able to turn the taps on and off relieves pressure on the input hoses when the machine is not in use. Shutting off the tap stops any leaks that occur, and the tap can be kept off until a plumber arrives to fix the problem.


People tend to be in denial about the possibility that a washing machine could leak. If it’s located upstairs, a tile floor and a floor drain are important to prevent damage from flooding. In the basement, it should be close to a floor drain, especially if the basement is used to store important belongings or has to carpet.

Laundry Sinks

Another problem involves features the homeowners realize later they should have had installed but didn’t costs lower. They’ll probably always wish for a double laundry sink with faucets separate from the washing machine, and regret not spending the extra $500 or so for parts and labor. Having the washing machine drain into this sink is advantageous because a strainer can block large amounts of lint from the sewer pipe. The tubs, as installed by a contractor such as , also provide a convenient place for hand-washing clothes and soaking before washing.

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