Getting Help With Sewer Line Repairs in Bellingham WA

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Plumbing

Homeowners get help with Sewer Line Repairs in Bellingham WA all the time. It just comes with the territory. When problems with pipes happen, the same system that makes life easy can make life difficult. Getting sewer problems straightened out is important because it can help with sanitation. If areas in and around a home aren’t kept clear of sewer water, people can get severely ill. Children and the elderly are especially at risk from the germs that can come about because of sanitation issues. Bad connections, tree roots, and old pipes can all cause problems with sewer systems.

There are certain telltale signs that there are issues with a sewer system. Backups can usually be found when there are existing sewer problems. When backups happen with multiple drains, there is usually an issue with the home’s main sewer line. It could be a septic tank that needs to be cleaned out. If the problem just happens with one drain, it just might be something that’s blocking that drain. Using a chemical drain cleaner might be able to resolve an issue with one drain, but hiring a plumber is the best thing to do when multiple drains are being affected. Homeowners can click here for more information about diagnosing problems that cause the need for Sewer Line Repairs in Bellingham WA.

Mold and sewer gas are other signs that something isn’t going right with sewer lines. Ideally, a sewer system is an airtight network that is able to contain sewer gas. If it becomes cracked or broken, the gas can start to seep out into the surrounding area. At first, the smell might be barely noticeable. As problems get worse, the smell will grow stronger. It can become so bad that people might get sick from the smell. Mold can start to grow out of control when a sewer line breaks. If a pipe breaks, the humidity level near the pipe can begin to rise. The rising humidity will allow mold spores to start to grow. Mold growth might also be accompanied by the odor of sewer gas. People who think they have sewer problems should examine their basements for any signs of mold.

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