Is the Home’s Air Conditioner Reaching the End of Its Life? It May be Time to Call for AC Services

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Air Conditioning Repair Service

While the average home AC unit lasts approximately a decade, it’s likely that, for some of that time, it may provide a less-than-optimal level of performance and comfort. Certain factors affect a system’s lifespan, such as:

  • Brand or model
  • How often the system is used
  • How often the air filter is changed
  • Proper sizing
  • Installation procedures

Read on to learn a few signs that a home HVAC system is reaching the end of its useful life.

High Humidity

In most areas, humidity control is a crucial component of home comfort. The average air conditioner was not designed to work as a dehumidifier, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise when the home gets more humid than it should be. When calling for AC Services, consider installing a whole-home dehumidification system as well.

Increasing Electric Bills

This is another sign that the home’s AC system isn’t working as efficiently as it could be. While it’s possible that it may only need a yearly tune-up for increased performance, some problems require more drastic solutions. During that yearly inspection, the contractor will be able to tell whether the system will make it through another year. However, if the unit is reaching the end of its lifespan, replacing it may yield substantial energy and cost savings.

Frequent Repairs

No machine lasts forever, and it might just be time to retire that old, worn-out unit. When a cooling system begins to show signs of age and wear, it may stop keeping the home as cool as it should be. Additionally, such a unit may need more frequent repairs or it may fail completely. It pays to plan ahead, especially if the system is near the end of its life.


In some instances, homeowners can save so much by upgrading to a new, energy efficient system that the installation will shortly pay for itself. New systems are much more efficient than those made even a few years ago, and a local contractor can help with the decision to repair or replace a unit.

When it is time for a new HVAC system, get a contractor involved as soon as possible. Visit to find out how a qualified technician can recommend the most energy-efficient, reliable models available. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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