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Preventing the Need for Sewer Backup Plumbing in Murrieta CA

Certain activities by a household’s residents and guests can cause a sewer backup, which can result in substantial damage to items in the part of the home where this occurs. Plumbing maintenance neglect also can cause problems. A service for professional Plumbing in Murrieta CA eliminates the source of the backup, and the plumber can advise the residents on how to prevent this in the future.

Best-Case and Worst-Case Scenarios

A sewer backing up into a basement with a concrete floor and nothing near the drain is probably the best-case scenario, especially if it happens when the washing machine is draining and the water is relatively clean and soapy. If it happens when the toilet is flushed, that’s a more unpleasant problem, especially if there is already backed-up waste sitting in the sewer line.

When wastewater backs up onto carpet, furniture, appliances and other items, some may have to be thrown out. Carpeting is especially problematic. Even when people think they have gotten the fabric clean, a sewer-like odor can still linger.

Common Causes

The most common cause of sewer backups is twofold. One issue is a combination of shrub and tree roots growing into a tiny crack or loose joint in the line as they seek moisture and fertilizer. The second is the flushing of materials that get hung up on those roots since these items do not degrade like toilet paper does. Tampons and sanitary wipes are the usual suspects, which can be verified when a plumber from a company like Family Plumbing Heating & Air Inc. snakes out the pipe.

Sump Pumps to Sewer Lines

Although it’s less common, some homeowners hook up their sump pump to the sewer line, although this should never be done. They might not like the discharge hose going from the house to the yard, but that’s where the water should be sent. Otherwise, silt and sediment can be sent to the sewer pipe, where it can start to clog up the system. A service for professional Plumbing in Murrieta CA will be necessary if the inside of pipe eventually becomes to narrow to be effective.

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