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Proper Treatment of a Septic Tank Prevents the Need for Emergency Pumping

Some men and women worry so much about harming their septic tank that they go to great lengths not to cause problems. In reality, this equipment and the bacteria inside of it is not as delicate as some individuals have been led to believe. Nevertheless, following certain guidelines will keep the tank functioning better and prevent any need for emergency septic tank pumping in Plant City.

Considerations About Chemicals

One common misconception is that bleach should never be used in the laundry with a septic system. Actually, a small amount of bleach added to a full load of wash now and then will not harm bacteria in the tank. The same goes for a minimal amount of commercial toilet cleaner used every week or two.

That said, household residents still should use these chemicals sparingly. For example, a toilet cleaning product inserted in the tank releases chemicals each time someone flushes. That can send too much bleach or another bacteria-killing chemical into the tank and deplete the population. In addition, households with septic tanks also should not use clog-busting chemicals in drains.

Routine Tank Pumping

Routine septic tank pumping should be done as recommended. If the technicians see any problems when they lift the lid, they’ll let the customer know. One problem might be a tank that’s becoming too full, which can indicate a need for more frequent pumping. Another might be tampons floating on the surface; septic tanks are not intended to manage feminine hygiene products. Those should be thrown in the trash.

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