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Common Plumbing Repair Problems

Plumbing repair is almost unavoidable. Pipes through which water is transported usually wear out. This is as a result of the compounds found in clean and waste water. Some plumbing problems can be quickly fixed especially if you have basic knowledge on water systems. Others require the input of a plumber outrightly. It is far much better to call in a plumber. You may not have the tools or expertise to fix pipes.

The Plumbing Repair Tulsa OK fraternity handle a myriad of repairs on a daily basis. These range from leakages, burst sewers, clogged drainage pipes and many others. During the cold season of winter, pipes freeze creating a challenge for many homes. Problems in the water system can result in high water bills. There is also the wastage of clean water especially from broken pipes. Below are some common problems where plumbing repair may be required.

* Pipes that leak. A leaking pipe is a common occurrence. If not watched carefully, a small leak may eventually graduate into a massive one. You should constantly check the water system in your house. If possible, you may call in technicians from plumbing repair firms within your locality. It is always advisable to keep telephone numbers of plumbers that can be called upon in times of emergency. They should be indicated at a convenient place where any member of the family can see them. A problem might occur when you are not at home. Using such contacts, a plumber can be urgently contacted to fix the problem.

* A frozen pipe. Water is said to destroy pipes when it freezes. As it does so, it turns to ice. Ice particles expand. Such an expansion can break a pipe or make it burst. This challenge is prevented through insulation of pipes. The materials used for insulation include foam, rubber, or fibreglass. Should you notice that a pipe is frozen, you can take some action before calling for plumbing repair. Thaw the frozen section using a hair dryer. Another way would be to wrap a towel round the pipe. Then pour some hot water on the wrapped section.

* Squealing and rattling pipes. This noise is called “water hammer.” It is brought about by a sudden shutdown of a supply due to closure of faucets and other fixtures. The plumbing repair solution for this is installation of additional pipes. These are known as arresters.

* Drain clogs. These are quite common and occur at the traps. Normally, waste products from the kitchen or bathroom may solidify at some point. The resulting clog shuts down the waterway. Plumbers fix this by disassembling traps and cleaning them out. Other clogs are removed using a plumbing tool known as a snake.

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