Signs to Call in for Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Plumbing

The constant flow of water in the basement causes a multitude of issues. Mold and deterioration of the foundation are the most serious problems that can occur. These problems can take thousands of dollars to fix. Since the solution to the problem is the sump pump, these are some of the indications that repair is needed.

The accumulation of water is an indication of the need for Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia. After all, the main purpose of the pump is to keep the water out. In times of heavy moisture, the water will start backing up. This can create flooding conditions in the basement. If the flooding is bad enough, the basement may have to be pumped out before the pump can be worked on.

Strange mechanical noises when the pump is turned on is another indication of trouble. The mechanical noises indicate that there is a problem somewhere in the inside the pump. Sump pumps are designed to be relatively quiet operations. When the pump starts making a lot of noise, it is likely that there are parts in danger of breaking. This damage can also reduce the effectiveness of the pump and put the basement in danger of flooding.

Continuous operation of the pump is a sign for Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia. The pump is designed to cycle on and off as the level of water changes. If the pump is continually operating, the signal to turn it off can be damaged. While there are some operations in which the pump may continually operate such as heavy rain conditions, this conditions should be considered to determine if damage has occurred. There also can be a problem in the electrical system which results in the pump not receiving the proper signal. If the pump is operating when conditions are dry, additional damage can occur.

Sump pumps are designed to keep the basement dry. If they are not working properly, the basement area will flood. With the flooding, other problems can occur. Contact us if the pump is showing any sign of distress. Regular maintenance on the pump can help it keep up with the flow of water.

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