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The Best Plumbers in Omaha Weigh in on Common Plumbing Misuses

The plumbing system in any home takes quite a bit of abuse through the years. While it can stand up to some things, there are some actions that homeowners should avoid. In fact, some things that many people do each day can cause damage to their plumbing. The best plumbers in Omaha warn about the most common misuses of a home’s plumbing system here.

Using the Garbage Disposal for Trash

While the name may be a bit confusing, not all types of food garbage belong in the garbage disposal. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to stuff garbage into it until the blades no longer turn. Pumpkin carvings, potato peels, fruit rinds and hundreds of other items have to be removed by the best plumbers in Omaha all the time. However, keeping the system working properly is as simple as making sure unnecessary items are not sent down the garbage disposal.

Putting Excessive Weight on Shower or Sink Fixtures

There are some shower and sink caddies that work to keep all the essentials nearby. While these offer quite a bit of convenience, there is a problem -; they hang on the shower heads or sink fixtures. The fact is, this can be quite dangerous. These fixtures are not designed to have weight on them. Eventually, the showerhead will snap, and the entire thing will have to be replaced.

Turning a Water Heater On Before It’s Ready

There are some homeowners who simply can’t wait to turn on a new electric water heater they have installed. However, just because all the pipes have been attached, it does not mean that the water heater is ready to be used. If it is turned on before it has the chance to fill up with water, it may burn up. It is important to fill up the water heater and then remove the air bubbles by running the water. At this point, the water heater can be turned on safely.

Plumbing issues can arise at any point in time. While some are unavoidable, others can be avoided if a homeowner knows what to do and what not to do. To learn more, or call for plumbing repair or service, contact the staff from Jeff Mumm Plumbing Omaha NE.

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