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When to Call an Emergency Plumber


It’s happened to practically everybody. You flush the toilet and, all of a sudden, water is pouring onto the floor. The problem seems serious, but is it? If you aren’t sure when to call for emergency plumbing in Roswell, Georgia use these guidelines to help you determine how serious your issue is.

The Overflowing Toilet

Before you jump on the phone to call a plumber at 3:00 a.m., consider the situation. Is the toilet truly overflowing, or has the water simply reached the top of the bowl? If it’s just a case of having used too much toilet paper, you may only need a plunger. On the other hand, if water is backing up onto the floor, the clog is probably deeper into the system. An emergency plumber can snake the system, find the clog, and remove it, so you don’t need to start the next day with no way to use the restroom.

The Frozen Pipes

Even in Georgia, the weather sometimes gets below freezing during the winter. If you haven’t properly insulated your pipes, you could find yourself without any running water, especially if you live in a mobile home. Some DIYers suggest heating the pipes with portable furnaces or hair dryers, but in addition to being time-consuming, doing this is also a serious fire hazard. If you call a plumber, they will be able to thaw the pipes safely and effectively and then insulate them so you don’t face the same problem on the next cold night.

The Busted Pipe

A busted pipe is always grounds to call an emergency plumber. Depending on where the offending pipe is in your home, you could end up with a serious flood that ruins your possessions and leaves your home susceptible to mold if you don’t dry it out quickly enough. As soon as you call the plumber, work to remove as many of your valuables from the area as you can.

The last thing you want to do at 3:00 a.m. is to start searching the internet for emergency plumbing in Roswell, Georgia; so begin your hunt now. Preparing for the unexpected gives you time to properly vet any company you choose. Visit for more information.

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