Avoid Water Damages and Eliminate Clogs With Professional Plumbing in Palm Springs, CA

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Plumbing

Plumbing systems can be extremely complicated, especially when installed in a multi-level building. For instance, residential Plumbing in Palm Springs CA begins at the municipal connection where fresh water is supplied. This primary lead enters the residence and splits at the water heater. From there, the cold water line continues into the building along with the new hot water line. Each line is then run through the walls and floors to each area where water will be used. The second aspect of plumbing is the drainage system. This is a much larger pipe that connects the sewer lines together and then flows to the municipal sewer system. Drainage systems also require ventilation for proper toilet flow.

There are various problems that can occur with fresh water pipes such as hidden leaks or burst pipes. Hidden leaks tend to occur in locations where the pooling water cannot be seen, or there are enough materials to absorb most of the moisture before it becomes visible. Experts in the field of Plumbing in Palm Springs CA can locate these problems with a few special tools and techniques. The first of these is an acoustic sampler that listens to the walls for the unique noises that dripping or spraying water can make. Water leaves a broken pipe because the environment is under pressure. The size of the break will often determine the size of the leak and how much sound is produced. The other method for discovering leaks is the use of an inert gas to put additional pressure in the line. This method requires some skill because too much pressure could cause more damage.

One of the worst problems property owners encounter is blocked sewer lines. This can result in slow-flowing drains, toilet backups, and costly damage to expensive floors or drywall. Plumbers such as those at All Seasons Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Heating Inc. have several tools that can help with this issue. First is the video snake used to determine the cause of the blockage. Next is the pipe snake or rooter used to push through the clog. For really nasty drain problems, the plumber can use water jetting to forcibly remove any gunk in the pipes.

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