Deciding Between Gas and Electric When It’s Time for Replacement Water Heater Services in Carmel IN

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Water Heating

When the old electric water heater should be replaced, the husband and wife may disagree about whether to stick with an electric model or not. One person would rather switch to a gas heater because these devices are more energy efficient. Companies providing water heater services in Carmel IN can remove the old one and install either type of product.

Utility Bills

By having a company such as Roby’s Plumbing & Appliance Service can replace an electric tank heater with a gas model, the household will cut its electric bills dramatically. Electric water heaters are inefficient when compared with gas-powered equipment, which will not cause a noticeable spike in the gas bills. The only way to significantly cut the utility cost with an electric model would be to shut off the breaker to the heater when it won’t be needed for many hours. Forgetting to switch it back on will result in unpleasant cold showers.

Faster Recovery

Gas models heat up more quickly, which is important for households in which a few people need to shower one right after the other. The recovery rate of an electric heater, in contrast, can be so slow that the third person’s shower must be very short.

Complexity of the Replacement

A person with some electrical experience can typically replace an old electric water heater with a new one, but working with a gas one is a different story. That should only be done by a professional providing water heater services in Carmel IN. Replacing a gas heater with another one involves disconnecting and reconnecting a gas line, whether the fuel is natural gas or propane. The work is even more complex when replacing an electric heater with a gas device.

Tank vs. Tankless

Once the home’s residents decide on electric or gas, they also have the choice of switching from a tank heater to a tankless model. These are significantly more efficient because they heat water on demand instead of keeping a tank full of hot water at all times. They do cost significantly more to install, but they may last twice as long. Click here for information on one company that can install a broad range of water heaters.

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