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Signs That A Homeowner Should Hire A Professional In Water Heater Repair Services In Fort Collins CO

If a homeowner’s water heater is not functioning properly, it can make regular household tasks that require hot water impossible. Also, a malfunctioning water heater can result in unsafe water or a very damaging flood. The best way for a homeowner to avoid a serious problem is to be able to recognize the signs that they should contact a professional in Water Heater Repair Services Fort Collins CO.

No Hot Water

If there is no hot water coming from the faucets, it is a very obvious sign that the homeowner should hire a professional in Water Heater Repair Services Fort Collins CO. There are a variety of reasons for this problem, such as a problem with the pilot light, a problem with the thermostat, or a broken heating element. The sooner the problem is diagnosed and repaired, the sooner the homeowner will have hot water again.

Rusty Water

If the homeowner turns on the hot water and the water is rusty, they should contact a professional who specializes in water heater repair services in Fort Collins CO. There could be sediment inside of the water tank that is coming out when the water is heated up. Until the necessary repairs are made, the water won’t be safe for drinking or bathing.

Loud Noises Coming From the Water Heater

A water heater should be very quiet while it is running. If the homeowner notices a loud banging noise, they should hire a professional to come look at the water heater. Over time, sediment can build up inside of the tank. When the water heats up, the sediment expands and contracts, creating the noise. This should be repaired as soon as possible before it leads to rusty water.

Water Around the Water Heater

If there is water around the water heater, there is a good chance that there is a leak in the water heater or a loose connection. If this happens, the homeowner should contact a professional immediately. If the problem is not repaired, it can result in a damaging flood.

If a homeowner is having problems with their water heater, they should contact Paul’s Plumbing & Heating. Water heater issues can be very serious, therefore, the problem should be diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible.

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